RCD Safety Switches

RCD’s (Residual-current device), also known as safety switches, are extremely important devices to have as they could have prevented many past electrocutions resulting in death and could very well save your life. Although the typical safety devices such as fuses and circuit breakers do prevent overloading and short circuits, they will not keep you from getting electrocuted as the amount of electrical current required to blow a fuse or circuit breaker is much greater than the amount needed to cause you serious harm or even death.  RCD’s are also capable of preventing fires caused by small leakages from wires which are not properly insulated.

As of August 2009, the Western Australian Government has instigated new regulations regarding RCD’s.  The new law will be applicable to anyone selling their homes and landlords. Every home that is sold or leased is required to install at least two RCD’s to protect all power point and lighting circuits. When a lease agreement is formed with a new tenant, the landlord will be obligated to install the RCD’s before the agreement is signed. For homes with a continuing tenancy, landlords must fit the devices by 8 August 2011.               

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